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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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Lord comes to town the day after to-morrow.
My Lady Townshend has been to see the Hermaphrodite, and says, ' it is the only happy couple she ever saw/
The Opera is begun, but is not so well as last year. The Eosa Mancini, who is second woman, and whom I suppose you have heard, is now old. In the room of Amorevoli, they have got a dreadful bass, who, the Duke of Montagu says he believes, was organist at Aschaffenburgh7.
Do you remember a tall Mr. Yernon, who travelled with Mr. Cotton ? He is going to be married to a sister of Lord Stratford8.
I have exhausted my news, and you shall excuse my being short to-day. For the future, I shall overflow with preferments, alterations, and Parliaments.
Your brother brought me yesterday two of yours together, of Oct. 22 and 27, and I find you still overwhelmed with Kichcourt's folly and the Admiral's explanatory ignorance. It is unpleasant to have old Pucci9 added to your embarras.
Chevalier Ossorio10 was with me the other morning, and we were talking over the. Hanoverians, as everybody does. I complimented him very sincerely on his master's great bravery and success: he answered very modestly and sensibly, that he was glad, amidst all the clamours, that there had been no cavil to be found with the subsidy paid to his King. Prince Lobkowitz makes a great figure, and has all my wishes and blessings for having put Tuscany out of the question.
There is no end of my giving you trouble with packing
7  Not far from Dettingen.
8  Lady Henrietta, Wentworth (d. 1786), third daughter of first Earl of Strafford ; m. (1748) Henry Vernon, of Hilton Park, Staffordshire.   She was Lady of the Bedchamber  to Princess Amelia.
9 Signer Puoci was Resident from
Tuscany at the Court of England. Walpole,
10 Chevalier Ossorio was several years Minister in England from the King of Sardinia, to whom he afterwards became first minister. Wok-pole.